A Deeper Dive into InSpec 3 and Google Cloud Platform

InSpec GCP

The recently released InSpec 3 expands the developer ecosystem for compliance-as-code through plugins, integrations, and other new capabilities. This post will outline some of the ways that InSpec brings compliance-as-code to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). InSpec 3 includes fully supported platform support for GCP and premium content in Chef Automate for the Center for Internet […]

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Preparing for Audits with InSpec

Preparing for a compliance audit can be an overwhelming process. Coordinating and translating requirements between teams is often a time consuming, manual process, regressions uncovered between audits can drive friction between internal IT and security teams, and between the rise of cloud and container solutions and numerous emerging regulatory frameworks, the sheer breadth of what […]

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How CSG Decreased Audit Times by 80% Through Automation


When it comes to audits, many organizations face a dilemma: how to decrease the time and effort spent while improving results? In preparation for an annual PCI audit, Carter McHugh, Executive Director of Agile Architecture at CSG International, decided to partner with Chef Software to automate their audit processes. As a result, CSG reduced audit […]

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