Let’s Start Preparing for Whatever Comes After Containers

Delivering more things, more quickly, is the challenge that companies are tackling through digital transformation. This transformation involves adopting new technologies, processes, organizational structures, and, in most cases, dramatic cultural changes. It is made more difficult because many of the processes and structures being replaced were created to support specific technology choices. “There hasn’t been an […]

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What’s In a Name? Does DevOps Mean Just Dev and Ops?

One of the challenges in implementing DevOps practices and processes is spreading collaboration beyond developers and operations engineers. At InformationWeek’s Interop ITX conference last month, Nathen Harvey, our VP of Community Development, pointed to one reason many organizations struggle. It’s right there in the name. I hate the word DevOps. If you want a high velocity organization you […]

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Awesome Community Chefs – 2017 Award Winners

Awesome Community Chefs - 2017

Everyone who participates in the Chef Community does exceptional things on a regular basis. This work is worthy of celebration and stands as a testament to the way our community comes together to ensure all members are successful, together. During ChefConf, our annual community reunion, some individuals are recognized for the dramatic impact they have had […]

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Announcing Chef Automate Compliance Training Course

Compliance Training

How can you ensure that your systems are secure without slowing down your deployments? Use Chef Automate for compliance. Chef Automate compliance is a solution that allows you to assess your infrastructure’s adherence to compliance requirements and to monitor that infrastructure on an ongoing basis. With Chef Automate compliance, you can express your security requirements […]

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The 3 Must See Blog Posts You Missed Last Week

With all the buzz of ChefConf last week, you may have missed some of our announcements. Get in the know and check out these three must see posts: InSpec launches support for cloud platform assessments Use InSpec for cloud native security and integration testing with three new open-source incubation projects: inspec-aws, inspec-azure, and inspec-vmware. Read more […]

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InSpec goes networking

network testing with inspec

Recently we announced the release of InSpec for cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and VMware. It demonstrates InSpec’s evolution in going from operating systems compliance to platforms and APIs compliance. During the keynote at ChefConf 2017, Christoph Hartmann highlighted another part of this evolution: InSpec’s support for network management APIs. In this vein, we collaborated with […]

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