Continuous Automation: Managing Hybrid Infrastructure in a DevOps World

The increasing pace of infrastructure technology innovations–the shift to virtual, cloud, containers, and microservices–has changed the meaning of the word “hybrid”. Automation and management solutions that only address one particular infrastructure type or deployment architecture may be well-suited to practices today, but they’re likely to become opinionated relics that reflect the practices of their time. […]

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Achieving Windows Compliance with InSpec

windows compliance with inspec

This blog post is a follow-up on our Windows Compliance with InSpec webinar by Joe Gardiner, Senior Solutions Architect and Christoph Hartmann, InSpec Creator that was presented live on April 11, 2017. In that webinar, we describe what Continuous Compliance is and we cover assessment with InSpec and remediation with Chef. This post provides additional […]

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Introducing Scaffolding and Multi-Service Supervisor in Habitat 0.20.0

Scaffolding and Multi-Service Supervisor

We recently released Habitat 0.20.0, which introduced two new features: Scaffolding and Multi-Service Supervisor. These features continue to make it easy to build, deploy, and manage your applications with Habitat. (For a more in-depth look at Multi-Service Supervisors you can read this blog post.) These two features are exciting because they make it super simple to […]

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Quantifying DevOps Outcomes: Efficient Service Stability

efficient service stability

Last week, we hosted a live webinar, “Efficient Service Stability” – the final episode in our four part short-form, interactive series, “Quantifying DevOps Outcomes.” For me, this series has been a fun improv exercise in working with audience feedback to figure out where we should focus our time together. Your feedback in these webinars has helped […]

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