Announcing InSpec 2.0

InSpec 2.0

We are delighted to announce the availability of InSpec 2.0, the newest version of Chef’s open-source project for compliance automation. InSpec helps you express security and compliance requirements as code and incorporate it directly into the delivery process, eliminating ambiguity and manual processes to help you ship faster while remaining secure. What’s New in InSpec […]

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Chef Automate Release – February 2018

Chef Automate release - February 2018

Last week Chef announced the February release of Chef Automate. This marks the GA release of the compliance scanner with job scheduling, and adds features to make analysis easier, such as date-range search. Chef Automate now provides compliance scanning capabilities for a full range of enterprise needs: agent-based scans to provide continuous visibility into status; […]

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Successfully Migrate to the Cloud with Chef and AWS

Migrate to the Cloud with Chef

By providing organizations with the ability to launch and scale environments on-demand, the cloud has changed how we develop applications and deploy infrastructure, allowing us to iterate faster than previously imaginable. It’s no surprise, then, that cloud migrations have become a hot topic in our industry. A recent survey of Chef users found that a […]

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Certified: Lenovo CNOS Cookbook

Lenovo CNOS Cookbook

I’m delighted to announce that Lenovo is now part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program. They have certified the Lenovo CNOS Cookbook. Lenovo CNOS cookbook The Lenovo CNOS cookbook provides a set of recipes and resources for managing Lenovo switches. The cookbook provides resources to upload images, upload/download configurations, and VLAN provisioning. The recipes use […]

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