InSpec, Habitat, and Continuous Compliance

continuous compliance

In my last post, I talked about some of the benefits of containers, how containers can complicate compliance requirements, and how InSpec can help. InSpec provides a human-readable infrastructure and compliance testing language that allows you to scan your hosts, VMs, and containers to ensure your fleet’s compliance. But let’s take this one step further. […]

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Watch: Testing at the Edges

On March 1st, I presented a live webinar titled “Testing at the Edges”. Watch the recording below to hear me explain how to test resource guards that execute system commands or require specific system files. I also demonstrate enabling test coverage and working around recipes that rely on search results from the Chef Server. In the presentation, […]

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Building vertically integrated software delivery teams through DevOps

vertically integrated software delivery teams

When software is what creates the relationship between customers and business then those businesses have to compete for market share by continuously updating and improving their software. And as customer expectations evolve and cycle times shrink, how fast a business can make changes relies on their ability for teams — the business function, developers, operations […]

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Continued learning at ChefConf helps drive Digital transformation

Digital transformation is driven by continued learning

Cultivating Chef and DevOps skills If you’re looking to continue cultivating mission-critical skills for digital transformation and expand your DevOps knowledge, join us at ChefConf in Austin, Texas May 22-24! For the first time, we’re offering a special ChefConf and Technical Workshop Pass to attendees, allowing opportunities for skill development in a supportive and focused environment. […]

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Chef at SCaLE15x

The 15th annual SCaLE (Southern California Area Linux Expo) was held March 2-5, 2017  at the Pasadena Convention Center. This 4-day gathering of Linux enthusiasts was filled with 200+ speakers and presentations, 90+ exhibits and lots of special events. On day one, Nathen Harvey presented two sessions: Compliance Automation with InSpec, and Application Automation with […]

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