Opscode Releases New Solutions for Cloud Infrastructure Automation

New Solutions For Configuration Management, Continuous Delivery and Scale-Out Web Operations Address Primary Enterprise Use Cases; Customer Base Surges; Strong Adoption Among Fortune 500 Companies

SEATTLE – August 7, 2012 – Opscode®, the leader in cloud infrastructure
automation, today announced the release of new solutions for configuration
management, continuous deployment and scale-out web operations, enabling
customers to accelerate time-to-market and reduce IT management costs. These new
solutions are targeted at specific enterprise infrastructure automation
workflows and combine key features of Opscode Private Chef™ and Hosted Chef™
with Opscode’s new services practice (see separate press release) to enable
customers to rapidly achieve productive use in automating their IT
infrastructure. To learn more about Opscode’s new solutions please go here.

Opscode also today announced its customer base has grown by more than 50 percent
in the last six months, driven by accelerating adoption across a broad range of
use cases and environments. In addition, more than half Opscode Private Chef
customers are in the Fortune 500, representing continued traction in core
enterprise IT environments.

“Opscode is seeing significant customer growth in a wide variety of
environments, and configuration management, continuous delivery and scale-out
web operations have quickly emerged as the most common use cases,” said Paul
Edelhertz, VP of Services, Opscode. “By pairing our services practice with
product capabilities targeted at each of these use cases, we’re enabling every
Opscode customer to rapidly achieve productive use in maximizing the potential
of infrastructure automation.”

“In the race to improve data center management efficiency and bring applications
to market faster, enterprises need to standardize and automate many ad hoc
processes and configuration profiles,” said Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice
President, Enterprise System Management Software, IDC. “It can be challenging
for many organizations to change the way they work and get the full value out of
their investments in IT automation. Opscode’s introduction of packaged solutions
and planning processes based on best practices and real world experiences can
help customers transition more quickly to highly dynamic and automated

New Solutions for Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Opscode Chef delivers a powerful automation engine to effectively manage an
ever-increasing rate of change, whether in the cloud or behind the firewall. By
allowing developers and system engineers to continuously define, build, and
manage infrastructure, Chef enables automation at any scale, driving increased
operating efficiency and agile development.

Combining Opscode’s new enterprise services practice with Chef’s robust
functionality, Opscode delivers three new solutions:

  • Configuration Management: Chef delivers a framework that makes it easy
    to consistently deploy servers and scale applications throughout users’
    entire infrastructure, aligning resources with specific policies and
    business goals. Using Chef to automate configuration management enables the
    definition of policies that consistently configure resources in an easily
    repeatable manner, providing a model for reuse that increases business
    agility. To learn more about Opscode’s solution for configuration management
    and view customer case studies, please go here.

  • Continuous Delivery: Chef integrates with many of the leading software
    development lifecycle (SDLC) tools, enabling users to reliably release
    high-quality software frequently by automating the build, test,
    configuration and deployment functions. This process enables controlled
    promotion of applications through multiple environments, from development to
    production, with testing taking place at every stage. By deploying Opscode
    Chef, customers have the ability to make continuous incremental change with
    minimal risk, ensuring infrastructure consistency and accelerating
    time-to-market for new applications. To learn more about Opscode’s solution
    for continuous delivery and view customer case studies, please go here.

  • Scale-Out Web Operations: By deploying Opscode Chef, organizations can
    automate web infrastructure to deploy new and changing services, while
    meeting peak demand with no downtime or interruptions in service. Chef makes
    it easy for high-volume websites to dynamically provision infrastructure on
    demand to keep pace with volatile peaks in traffic. With Knife command line
    for a broad spectrum of major public cloud providers, Chef
    seamlessly automates cloud infrastructure and enables scale-out web
    companies to maximize the potential of cloud computing in improving
    operating efficiency and agility. In addition, leveraging Opscode Chef
    enables new services or features to be deployed and updated more frequently
    with little risk of downtime, allowing web operations to stay ahead of
    customer demand. To learn more about Opscode’s solution for scale-out web
    operations and view customer case studies, please go here.

Jason McDonald

Jason is a Seattle-based digital marketer for Chef. One time he was runner up in an office table tennis tournament.