Chef 11.18.12 Released

Ohai Chefs,

We’ve just released Chef 11.18.12. This release updates OpenSSL to 1.0.1m, solving the issues listed in the [recent security announcement](

## Wait… You skipped 11.18.8 and 11.18.10
I found minor issues with both of these releases (failing Windows tests, incorrect gem version). Sorry for any confusion.

## How to get it?

You can visit our download page.

Additionally you can use this command to download the latest version of the Chef Client on platforms other than windows:

curl -L | sudo bash -s -\- -v 11.18.12

For Windows, you can download this version using this link: [Chef Client 11.18.12](

## Important Links
* Chef Mailing Lists: [chef]( and [chef-dev](
* File a new Chef Client issue on [GitHub Issues](

Thom May

Thom is an engineer on Chef's Community Engineering team, based in London. He works on Chef, ohai, cookbooks and pretty much anything else Chef has ever shipped.