Delivering the Continuous Enterprise with Agile, Lean, and DevOps (ALDO) practices

At Chef we work with teams of developers and operators in the largest enterprises in the world. They are all challenged to keep up with today’s customer expectations which — in digital transformation terms — means shipping ideas faster. They feel they’re striking a delicate and increasingly difficult balance of quality versus speed when they […]

CSG International and How DevOps Delivers Results

Six years ago, CSG International, the company that provides backend SaaS support to major telecom companies, started their DevOps transformation journey to modernize how they develop and run software. And for the past six years, CSG has made significant strides in transforming to a high-performing IT organization. Scott Prugh, SVP of Engineering and Chief Architect […]

Compliance automation: Bridging the gap between development & information security

Speed is nothing without control DevOps makes software deployment faster. But without proper controls, that may mean that developers are also releasing security vulnerabilities more quickly. The fast pace of innovation will not be slowing down and the pressure to deliver rapidly keeps increasing. At the same time, cybersecurity threats keep getting more innovative while […]

Adding compliance assurance into DevOps practices to ship software faster with less risk

Software-based services — apps! — are now the primary way a company connects with customers. A company’s best chance in competing for a larger piece of the market is by shipping software faster. Teams need to continuously deliver infrastructure to run applications, regardless of location or computing environment. But companies can’t ship software faster if […]

Building vertically integrated software delivery teams through DevOps

When software is what creates the relationship between customers and business then those businesses have to compete for market share by continuously updating and improving their software. And as customer expectations evolve and cycle times shrink, how fast a business can make changes relies on their ability for teams — the business function, developers, operations […]