Chef Confirms No Products Affected by Backdoored RubyGems

chef security

At Chef, we have a cross-functional security team who evaluates and responds to potential security incidents. Because a significant portion of our code uses Ruby and Ruby libraries (known as “gems”), we have been paying close attention to the reports of malicious code insertion into several gems. Shortly after the news of the compromise became […]

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Secure Your Cloud Estate with Continuous Audits

To meet the demands of an ever more connected world, executing on a comprehensive cloud strategy has become a critical component for organizations at any scale. While cloud platforms have made it incredibly easy to define and scale environments on demand, with those capabilities come new challenges in how to validate that those environments have […]

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5 Steps for Scaling DevOps

5 Steps

During a webinar delivered by Chef’s SVP of Products and Engineering  Corey Scobie, the following five common practices used by DevOps high performers were described:  Adopt a coded approach Make it easy to work with code Use the right tool for the right job  Enable one way to production Shift risk mitigation left During the […]

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Why Coded Enterprises are Winning at DevOps

coded enterprise

More than 10 years ago Chef ushered in the era of DevOps with the introduction of Chef, the “infrastructure as code” tool. Fundamental to the success of Chef was the belief that “the best way to build software is to do it in close collaboration with the people who use it.” Today there are more […]

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Congratulations to our 2019 Customers of the Year!

Every year at ChefConf, we award customers for the incredible work they have done in their organization, making an impact that contributes to the overall outcomes of their businesses.  The customers are nominated by the Chef teams that work closely with these organizations daily.    We recognize customers with awards in two categories: Automating Any App, […]

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