“The most ambitious version of you”. Barry Crist’s challenge to the audience at ChefConf

Last month at ChefConf18 in Chicago, Chef CEO Barry Crist kicked off the proceedings with a provocative look at the state of the changes in digital transformation efforts, and asked the question to the crowd: “what comes afterwards?” Barry’s keynote focused on the challenges and aspirations faced by both companies and individuals in the industry […]

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Chef Workstation – How We Made that Demo

Chef Workstation - How We Made that Demo

Editor’s Note: ChefConf 2018 ‘How We Did It’ Series Welcome to final entry in our How We Did It series based on demos from the ChefConf 2018 Product Vision & Announcements keynote presentation. Today, Seth Thomas, Software Development Engineer on our Workstation team, will show us the newest project from Chef, Chef Workstation, and walk […]

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Habitat and Kubernetes – How We Made that Demo

Habitat and Kubernetes demo at ChefConf 2018

Editor’s Note: ChefConf 2018 ‘How We Did It’ Series At ChefConf, we presented our Product Vision & Announcements for 2018. During the opening keynotes, attendees were treated to a live demonstration of Chef’s latest developments for Chef Automate, Habitat, InSpec, and the newly launched Chef Workstation. This blog post will be the first of three deep-dive peeks […]

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InSpec GCP Deep Dive

InSpec GCP

As recently announced Chef has deepened support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by adding InSpec integration. Furthermore, the InSpec GCP resource pack is freely available here – suggestions (and contributions) welcome! Before looking at InSpec GCP let’s ensure we have the necessary prerequisites in place. As an aside, we will be following similar setup steps to […]

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Deploy Applications with HPE OneSphere and Chef Automate

HPE OneSphere and Chef Automate

HPE Discover gets underway this week and it’s a great opportunity to see how HPE and Chef seamlessly integrate to help companies of all sizes manage their IT infrastructure. Chef and HPE’s enterprise systems encourage modern day cloud velocity to get your organization on the path towards digital transformation. With Chef and HPE, you can […]

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ChefConf 2018 Keynote Video: Product Vision & Announcements

Chefconf2018 Vision and Product Announcements

It’s hard to believe ChefConf 2018 was nearly a month ago! We were excited to welcome Chef customers and community members to Chicago and share some of the exciting product developments we’ve been working over the last year. Corey Scobie, our new SVP of Product and Engineering, announced the general availability of Chef Automate 2, […]

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Accelerating time to productivity with Chef Automate using OpsWorks for Chef Automate

At ChefConf 2018 in Chicago last month Arun Gupta, AWS Principal Open Source Technologist, showcased how you can check for compliance of worker nodes in a Kubernetes cluster using OpsWorks for Chef Automate (OWCA). As part of the conference, AWS open sourced the code used; Give it a try! you can download the code here. […]

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