Automate Compliance with AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate

Compliance with AWS OpsWorks

In an era of rapidly developing threats and continually evolving compliance frameworks, we need to be able to react quickly. The most successful organizations pursue continuous automation in three stages: detect, correct, and automate. In a recent webinar, Mark Rambow, a Software Development Manager with Amazon Web Services and I demonstrated how to implement this three […]

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Kitchen-Docker or Kitchen-Dokken? Using Test Kitchen and Docker for fast cookbook testing

Test Kitchen and Docker

Chef’s Test Kitchen project allows for fast functional testing of infrastructure code. In the past few years, the rise of container technologies like Docker have allowed devops engineers to speed up this feedback cycle, since the startup time of a container is much faster than that of a VM image that needs to be cloned […]

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Open Source & Dollar Bills: Building a Successful Company on “Free” Software

How do you build a successful, profitable company on top of open-source software, when you’re giving away the core product? In this post, which accompanies a talk I’m giving at the Linux Foundation’s 2018 Open Source Leadership Summit, I’ll discuss how building a company on an open-source foundation is a fundamentally aggressive move, yet has […]

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New EMA report names Chef as a “Top 3” leader in Application Management and Deployment for DevOps

The new Enterprise Management Associates “Top 3” report for DevOps has just released, and Chef is excited to be named one of the chosen vendors in the application deployment and management for DevOps. The report and recognition are based on a survey of more than 300 DevOps practitioners conducted by EMA in 2017. You can […]

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ChefConf 2018 – Breakout Sessions Announced

ChefConf is the best opportunity you’ll have this year to connect with the Chef community, learn more from Chef and your peers about continuous automation, and earn a Chef Certification. Register now before early bird pricing ends on April, 20, 2018. This morning we published the agenda for this year’s ChefConf breakout sessions. We are stoked […]

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Announcing InSpec 2.0

InSpec 2.0

We are delighted to announce the availability of InSpec 2.0, the newest version of Chef’s open-source project for compliance automation. InSpec helps you express security and compliance requirements as code and incorporate it directly into the delivery process, eliminating ambiguity and manual processes to help you ship faster while remaining secure. What’s New in InSpec […]

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