Chef Automate release – July 2017

Chef Automate is officially one year old as of this latest release (1.5.46). Happy birthday, Chef Automate! There are a number of things to highlight this release.

Compliance Views

Better insight of compliance state and profile data is now available by default in the Chef Automate GUI. The new views are available from the top-level navigation bar. This compliance section provides access to both profile data and reporting capabilities. This is the same view introduced at ChefConf 2017, now generally available with no special activation required.

The new interface allows users to upload compliance profiles (via zip files) to the Chef Automate server and includes several performance enhancements. Users of the previous compliance view (under the Nodes tab) should note that view can still be enabled if needed. If your use case is not addressed by the new enhancements, our product team would love to hear from you.

Policyfile Data Views

Chef users can now view Policyfile converge data as well as query on policy name, group, and revision search data. Policyfiles are a great solution for specific use cases and we are pleased to see support for their use expanding. If you’re unfamiliar with Policyfiles, you should refer to this guide for determining if Policyfiles are right for you.

Additional features

This release includes a number of additional enhancements such as support for ChefDK 2.0, compatibility with Elasticsearch 5, performance tuning options, and additional tools for troubleshooting and support. Chef Automate also now enables new customers to try the product easily with a new pilot feature. Additional details on the pilot feature are available via the Chef blog. Additional details for everything included in Chef Automate 1.5.46 are available in the release notes.

Author George Miranda

George is a Product Marketing Director at Chef. He worked in webops for over 15 years at a variety of small dotcoms and large enterprises before delving into DevOps and Infrastructure as Code. He enjoys being a technical advocate and discussing effective solutions. He's an automation junkie that lives to help others solve problems and would love to help you solve yours. He lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a sucker for artisanal whiskey.

  • Kresten Bjerrum Kjær

    Great release!

    Will this be made available as in AWS OpsWorks or the Chef Automate server on the AWS Marketplace?