SB6 and the Chef Code of Conduct

Chef Community,

The Texas Senate recently passed Senate Bill 6 (SB6), known as the “bathroom bill”, targeting transgender people. The bill requires people to use bathrooms in public schools, government buildings, and public universities based on the sex designated on their birth-certificate. Chef strongly opposes this bill.

Chef is dedicated to providing an inclusive and harassment-free experience for anyone who participates in our events. The Chef Code of Conduct prohibits discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.

Quite simply, we do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form.

ChefConf will take place May 22-24 in Austin. We have been following SB6 closely since it was introduced last year. Every venue we have contracted for ChefConf, including the JW Marriott and Stubb’s BBQ, unanimously support gender-neutral bathrooms. While the bill was passed by the Senate, it is not yet a law. After thorough discussion and consideration, we will continue with our plans to host ChefConf 2017 in Austin.

We can assure you that should the bill ever become a law – this year in September or in the future – we will not host any additional Chef events in Texas.

If there are any questions we can answer for you please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Karolin & Nathen

ChefConf Co-Chairs

Author Karolin Beck

Karolin is the VP of Field Marketing at Chef

  • Mark

    Okay, I’m reaching out. Why not send a strong, unequivocal message and just move the event? Wouldn’t that tell the Texas legislature that this bill is so egregious that it’s very existence doesn’t allow you to do business in Texas? I sincerely appreciate your stance but isn’t this just posturing?

    • Karolin Beck

      Mark, thank you for your comment here – yes that was one of the considerations when the bill first came out last year for sure. I have had many conversations, especially with the people in Austin and at this point I believe we need to support the movement that speaks out against such bill, especially in Austin. From the research I have conducted (and open to other remarks/links here) the chairman of the House Committee on State Affairs – Republican Byron Cook – confirmed he will hold a public debate on the bill, but he said he doesn’t see any reason for it to become law. So right now we stand with the people in the state that oppose the bill.

      • Karolin Beck

        We received the official statement from Austin that I’m sharing here.

        As you may know, Texas Senate Bill 6, or the Privacy Protection Act, has passed the Senate. The next battle will be in the Texas House of Representatives. An opposing bill was filed in the House of Representatives this week, (HB 4243) which would allow local municipalities to establish policies for people to use bathrooms/changing facilities matching their gender identity.
        We are working closely with our CVB partners and several state associations to make sure that SB 6, and other bills filed that could potentially have a negative impact on our state, city and industry, are not passed during this legislative session. Be assured, the tourism industry and many high tech and business communities in the city and throughout the state are strongly against passing this type of legislation. Again, Texas’ legislative session continues for another three months, therefore numerous bills will most likely not be voted on until May. For more information on the efforts to against SB6, visit
        Currently, Austin has non-discriminatory ordinances in place to protect residents or city employees.
        Here is another helpful website: