ChefDK 0.3.6 Released!

Hi Chefs,

Today we released ChefDK 0.3.6. This release includes a bunch of new stuff:

* Custom generator cookbooks can now be configured in your config.rb/knife.rb
* `chef generate` will now generate ChefSpec tests for new recipes, and ServerSpec tests when a kitchen.yml is generated
* Powershell support for `chef shell-init`
* `chef update` command to rebuild `Policyfile.lock.json`
* `chef export` command to export cookbooks referenced in `Policyfile.lock.json`
* Test Kitchen 1.3.1 along with a Policyfile provisioner
* Berkshelf 3.2.3
* And much more. Check out the changelog to see all that is new.

Our [download page]( has been updated to point to the new release.
Give this release a shot and [let us know]( if you run into any issues.

Also note, this will likely be the final release of ChefDK with Chef 11. ChefDK 0.4.0 will ship
with Chef 12.

## Changelog
* Support cookbooks that contain only `metadata.json` with Policyfiles.
* Add named run lists to the Policyfile DSL. The feature however, is not
usable until support is added to Chef Client.
* Allow generator cookbooks to have arbitrary names. The
argument to `–generator-cookbook` should be the path to the cookbook,
rather than the path to the directory containing the generator
* Custom Generator cookbooks can now be configured in
`~/.chef/config.rb` (or `knife.rb`) by setting
* Added `chef update` command, which rebuilds `Policyfile.lock.json`
to reflect any changes in the `Policyfile.rb` and updates cookbooks to
the latest versions that match the dependency constraints.
* Added `chef export` command. This command creates a directory
containing all cookbooks referenced by the `Policyfile.lock.json` and
a copy of the lock file as a data bag item. This directory can be
served by Chef Zero to apply your policy to a node.
* Added `policyfile_zero` Test Kitchen provisioner. This provisioner
converges chef-client in policyfile mode using Chef Zero.
* Will no longer install gem documentation when using `chef gem`.
This speeds up gem installs.
* Powershell support for `chef shell-init`
* Updated Berkshelf to version 3.2.3
* Updated Test Kitchen to version 1.3.1
* Updated Chef to version 11.18.0