Release: Chef Development Kit 0.2.1

Ohai Chefs,

As of today version 0.2.1 of Chef Development Kit is available on our [download page]( Starting with this version, Chef Development Kit is now supported on **Mac OS X 10.8** in addition to 10.9.

The other changes included in this release are:

* `chef gem install` can now install gems with native extensions on Windows.
* Fixed a bug in `chef exec` to set the ENV correctly. This resolves errors like
[this]( when running commands
with `chef exec`.
* Make supermarket the default source in generated Gemfiles.
* `chef generate repo` command is now available. This command generates a chef
repository which is equivalent to [chef-repo](
* Generators do not require Administrator privileges on Windows anymore.

You can visit []( to get this version. If you run into any issues please file a bug in [our issue tracker](

Author Serdar Sutay